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Melt filter element (mainly folded)

Melt filter element (mainly folded)

Filter material: imported metal fiber sintered felt, domestic metal fiber sintered felt, 304 dense mesh, 304 square hole wire mesh.
Application scope: chemical fiber, petrochemical and other industries.
Features: Pleated structure, large dirt holding capacity, can be washed and used repeatedly, not easy to deform, high filtration accuracy, good filtration effect, high temperature resistance.
Absorbent cotton filter

Absorbent cotton filter

The metal wound filter element is composed of a "V"-shaped or round metal wire and a stainless steel support bar. The smooth surface of the filter element is the filter surface, and the gaps are strips, which belong to the surface filter form. As the best filter element for various forms of automatic filters, it is widely used in fluid filtration in various industries. Long service life;
Absolute surface filtration;
Can be washed, regenerated and reused;
The structure has high strength, can withstand high working pressure, and withstands high pressure difference;
The wedge strip and the support strip (with uniform grooves, the wedge strip is embedded) are welded, with high strength and no production dislocation;
PP filter element (melt blown, folded)

PP filter element (melt blown, folded)

The filter layer is made of polypropylene material melt-blown to form polypropylene microporous fiber felt;
High retention rate and good filtering effect;
The foldable filter layer is used to increase the filter area, double the dirt holding capacity and the replacement cycle;
Polypropylene fiber has good heat capacity and chemical compatibility. All parts are sealed by hot-melt welding technology to form a complete whole.
Metal wound filter element

Metal wound filter element

Metal wound
Metal powder sintered filter element

Metal powder sintered filter element

It is made of high-purity titanium powder or stainless steel powder after classification, high temperature, high vacuum sintering;
The product structure is uniform and the porosity is high;
Good mechanical properties, high strength, can be welded and cut;
Good heat resistance and corrosion resistance; excellent corrosion resistance in acid/organic compound/alkali solutions.
Ceramic filter

Ceramic filter

Due to its excellent material properties, the ceramic filter element has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It has been widely used in solid-liquid separation, gas purification and water treatment in many industries. Ceramic membrane materials have the characteristics of high filtration accuracy, low filtration resistance, and good cleaning and regeneration performance. According to different usage requirements, ceramic membrane materials are divided into microfiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis membranes.
Filter bag

Filter bag

The filter bag is the core element of the bag filter, and the materials constituting the filter bag include polypropylene, polyester, nylon and so on. The filtration accuracy is 1~400μu, and the bag body has two production methods: sewing and hot melting. The collar of the filter bag is divided into steel ring and plastic ring. The selection should be based on different media, temperature during filtration, chemical conditions, Filter efficiency etc. to determine.
Filter basket

Filter basket

The filter basket is the core element of the basket filter. The materials of the filter basket include stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel sintered mesh, stainless steel wedge mesh and so on. The filtering precision is 15μ~.
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