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Yofull Machinery Recruitment: Mechanical Engineer

Number of visits: Date:2010-10-09

Recruitment number: 2

Job Nature: Full time

Education: Mechanical College or above

Gender requirements: not limited

Age requirements: 28 to 55 years of age

Comprehensive requirements: 1, professional knowledge: familiar with chemical machinery or plastic rubber machinery products and pressure vessels, the basic performance and working principle, familiar with the mechanical manufacturing process, familiar with the national standards of machinery;

2, Ability to work: Have experience in technology development project management, be familiar with CAD design software such as AUTOCAD, Pro / E, UG, SOLIDWORKS, etc., be able to operate OFFICE office software, leading technical rules of production process and quality inspection. .

3, other requirements: rigorous, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, familiar with enterprise management;

4, good at learning new knowledge, take the initiative to understand the market and customer needs;

5, can carry out technical project cost budget and risk assessment, or have the relevant product research and patents, priority admission;

6, Salary: Can pay, salary and efficiency of the company's growth, more than 50,000 annual salary.

Hotline: 0577-86655699

Working conditions: Negotiable




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Address:Economic and Technological Development Zone Binhai Park Road, No. 328 ,wenzhou,zhangjiang,china

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