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Yofull Machinery Co., Ltd. after-sales service

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“ Excellent quality, first-class after-sales service "is the company has consistently adhered to the market in the production of our prison quality, strengthen supervision and quality control efforts, and strive to eliminate every problem in the bud, not a defective flow market. In addition, in order to better protect the interests of users, but also to the vast number of users of the units of the product site peace of mind, peace of mind, rest assured that we do the following service commitments:
• Technical training: In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, with a professional after-sales service team, is responsible for guiding the scene to guide the installation and commissioning by the technical staff on-site training to use the unit operator proficiency, the implementation of "life" tracking service.
• Free of charge to provide technical advice, technical training, product-related issues to answer.
• Equipment warranty period of one year (free but does not contain parts of vulnerable parts), life-long commitment to maintenance and repair. Where the warranty period after the maintenance, the company charged the cost of components and components of the basic cost.
• After receiving the information about the product quality (call, letter or verbal notice), the company immediately dispatches the relevant personnel of after-sales service to the scene to solve the problem.
• Maintenance response time: where the city's main urban and suburban areas, arrived within 8 hours of the scene, within 1500 hours within 24 hours up to 36 hours to reach the scene, more than 1,500 km up to 48 hours to reach the scene to solve the problem.
• For users to establish after-sales service files, regular user access, timely solution to their production process equipment problems to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
• In order to make the equipment run stably, please fill in the equipment operation record carefully, operate, maintain and maintain according to the operating instructions.
• Firmly establish the user is God, all for the sake of the user thinking, timely, serious and stress credibility, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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