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Company Profile

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ZheJiang Yofull Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of melt filter, solution filter, filter element, melt valve (three-way valve, sampling valve, globe valve, and multi-way valve), and prilling units that are used for chemical fiber production. Company is located in the Economy-Support Development Zone of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang. It is 300 meters away from the airport in the west, and adjacent with the Lingkun Islands in the east. The environment is very tranquil and the traffic is very convenient.

Company has sufficient production capability and senior engineers, technicians and managerial staff. It emphasizes the standardized management and constitutes its own corporate culture on the basis of the Precision, Practice, Innovation and People-Focused principle. In order to provide best product and service,it adopts advanced testing and production equipments, and with proficient techniques, makes continual improvement and innovation.

Company believes in the quality policy that Quality is Soul and Customer is the God. With prime quality, technology, and service, we would like to present our product quality and credit to the market. We will carry on the Innovation and Development Spirit, make constant progress, and seek the cooperation opportunity. In the new millennium, Yufeng is creating a comfortable working environment, excellent corporate culture, perfected management system, and good career training to lead all the staff and employees to start a new journey.

Choosing Yufeng, you will get the reassurance and profits. Choosing Yufeng, you will know innovation and improvement. Yufeng is open to the visit by all new and old customers.





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