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Yufeng Company Cultural Warning
·Quality as life, innovation and development
· Faith comes from honesty, excellence comes from expertise
· Discipline to beautify the collective, self-discipline to improve oneself
·Fair competition, surpass yourself, look to the future
· Hard work, truth-seeking and innovation, unity and hard work, loyalty and dedication
· Be prepared for danger in times of peace, scientific decision-making, advance investment, leapfrog development
· Jingya ¥ Huicheng + Ability = Future

Yufeng company management motto
· Team spirit is the core of enterprise development
· Think more, doubt more, _ ask more questions, think more ways, do more practical things, talk less nonsense
·As long as you are good at seizing opportunities, plus 100% of your efforts will succeed
· I would rather suffer a thousand times by yourself than make customers feel difficult for a while
· There is no problem that can't be solved, only people who don't use their brains
· Everyone participates in company management and implements work responsibilities at all levels
· Focus on the customer and establish the customer concept that the next process is the upper process
· Learning is the biggest benefit, training is the biggest benefit
· Quick friend response, immediate action, clean responsibilities, and implementation of everything
· As long as it is gold, it will shine, as long as it is talent, it will be useful
· If you don’t work hard today, work hard tomorrow to find a job, if you don’t love your job today, you will be laid off tomorrow
· Customer's request is our job
·Continuous improvement is our eternal theme
· Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development
·Every day, every day, Baijie prides itself, continuous improvement·Efficient, fast, capable, pragmatic, and dedication are the principles of each of us
·Achievements are given in thousands, not spoken out· Opportunities are only for those who are prepared

Company philosophy

·Corporate Philosophy: We are in the same boat and help each other
· Enterprise spirit: people-oriented, innovative and efficient, hard work, pursuit of excellence
· Operating Zongyin: Sincerely recruiting husband Bianke, reputation comes from the letter
· Economic reputation policy: market-oriented, quality as life, benefit from management
· Customer service concept: Honest management, considerate service
·Management principles: people-oriented, unity and fairness, high efficiency and high benefit
· Quality policy: Quality first, full participation, to provide customers with high-quality products and services
· Quality objectives: 98% customer complaint handling satisfaction rate, 1% error rate of wrong parts and missing parts, one-time pass rate of product production inspection not less than 95%, and customer satisfaction more than 90%.



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